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                                                       LaGard Electronic Keypad Lock                                  

Dimension: LG 3750K

                     Keypad: D95*T26 mm 

                     Install: D41 mm


                     Lock body(without bolt): 98*61*29 mm

                     Install: 66*42 mm

Origin: USA

Bolt: Deadbolt

Package: 24/CTN

Material: Zinc alloy

Certification: U.L. Type1, EN B, Vds 2, 

ApplicationSafe, vault, ATM


>>Silent Alarm: Duress signal will be sent to alarm box if the duress combination is entered(last number of the combination either one number higher or lower), lock will still open without indication that duress signal has been sent to the alarm system(alarm box required).

>>Dual Mode: Two valid combinations from different user needed to open the lock at the same time.

>>Audit trail: Utilizing LG view software, last 512 events are captured with date and time stamp.

>>Manager mode: 1 manager code and 8 users

>>Time delay: Lock cannot be opened during the delay period(1-99 min)

>>Time delay override mode: Enables user 9 to override the time delay mode.

>>Wrong try penalty: 5 minutes penalty time after 4 consecutive invalid codes.

>>Low voltage signal: LED flashes and beeps when in low voltage.

>>Auto-relock: Auto-relock after no operation for 4 seconds when opened.

>>Changeable combinations: Consist of 6-9 digits 

>>LED and beeping signal helps when operating

>>Combinations still memorized when replacing battery and could be checked on computer.

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