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                                                                                  JianNing Security Product 

  15 years leading in security lock industry, JianNing Security Product now provides great range of security products.

  For premium imported safe lock brand like La Gard, Kaba, Sargent and Greenleaf, we have been serving our domestic banks, safe/cabinet/vault/ATM manufacturers with tough quality lock products and professional industrial solutions.

  For our own manufactured locks which aims at foreign market like customers LIKE YOU, we provide nearly all types of security container lever lock, deposit lock, cam lock, safe part accessory and customized safe and vault services.  

  We are the people that really do things, we believe the quality is far more important than the boasting words in online trading.

                                                                        Cooperate with us, 

  You will never need to worry about the quality, because we may deal cheap products but with no inferiors.

  You will never need to worry about "not knowing too much", because we are experts and we will help you with a customized solution and help you choose the optimized product you want.

  And most important, we may not be able to provide all possible related products, but we are sure to help you find the product you are looking for.

  With us, with win-win.



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